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COPD Reserachers is one of the leading research firms working to develop new methods of COPD treatment and COPD diagnosis. Through our research we hope to be able to develop a more effective means of combating the symptoms of COPD. Currently, patients with COPD often have to undertake recovery programs that can take years and even the rest of their life to prove effective. With the development of a medication or surgical procedure that quickly minimizes the effects of COPD, we may finally be able to save these people lengthy hospital stays, also helping to reduce the health care bill that COPD creates every year.

Our teams of scientists are handpicked from institutions around the country, and each day we make strides toward discovering the next big COPD treatment. Not only are we working toward treating COPD, but we are also working with other research teams to develop new diagnostic equipment that can help to identify COPD before the onset of the disease greatly affects the livelihood of the patient.

COPD Treatment

Currently, the most effective COPD medications are anti-inflammatory steroids that target the lungs. While these medications, along with bronchodilators, can be effective at short term treatment of COPD, few of them help to provide long term relief. Our latest treatment project is focusing on creating a medication that not only helps to reduce inflammation, but also helps the lungs to regrow tissue lost to scarring and damage from years of abuse. If successful, this treatment for COPD may become the new standard for patients with mild to severe COPD.

Developing new treatments is a long and extensive process that can take years. First, the research team must perform several laboratory tests. These tests are normally performed on COPD cells that taken from the lungs of unhealthy patients. Several different COPD medications are then applied to the COPD cells to see which treatment is the most effective. After a medication proves effective in laboratory tests, it is then tested for side effects. After these medical trials, several different human studies are done to test the effectiveness of the new COPD medications. Currently, COPD Reserachers has several different medications in a variety of trial stages.

COPD Diagnosis

In addition to new COPD treatments, COPD Reserachers is also working to develop new diagnostic techniques that will help to make a doctor’s job of diagnosing COPD easier. Currently, diagnosing COPD is not necessarily a challenge, but many patients are forced to go through a barrage of different tests before a final diagnosis can be made. In developing a new type of test, COPD Reserachers hopes to create a test that will allow doctors to administer only one test, instead of dozens. This new diagnostic technique will combine a lung strength test with several other tests to help doctors provide a fast and accurate COPD diagnosis to their patients.

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